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Find out how you can improve business  performance & employee health

Resistance training is the most simple & efficient form of boosting your mental firepower
Improve Collaboration - Reduce Errors    Increase Productivity - Reduce Burnout
80% of Australian's are not doing enough physical activity.
Find out why that matters to business performance
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What is June365?

An all in one Digital Coach and SmartDeck.

A supported journey to build better habits

Personalised strength-based workouts

Real-time feedback with your digital trainer

On demand coaching, motivation and support

What's in the experience?

Be one of the first business leaders in the world to try out the latest
health tech innovation for yourself.
  • Immersive audio driven experience.
  • Real-time feedback.
  • Variable resistance.
  • Variety of exercises.


  • Understand how physical health investment can lead to better business performance.
  • Provide feedback and help us reshape How business invests in workplace performance.

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